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Digital transformation of Emergency Services Health lead capture form and innovation in the not-for-profit health insurance sector.

Emergency Health Services is a Not-for-profit health fund, owned and run for the benefit of its members.  The fund is restricted to emergency health service employees and their families, serving and supporting a core section of many Australian communities.

ESHealth approached Convincely to design a customer journey that educates, supports and ultimately provide the best health insurance outcomes for new members.

The new journey combines EShealth’s next step in branding, fund eligibility qualification, education of health insurance terms and concepts, gamification, dynamic personalisation and competitor comparison in an informative, delightful and engaging experience.

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Key Features


To achieve ESHealth’s goals we forged together the latest best practises in experience design to build a seamless and coherent journey:

Dynamic Personalisation Engine: The journey is customised to the customer’s interactions, providing them with a personalised health insurance outcome

One-thing-per-page: Focuses the customer’s attention to one concept or idea

AA accessibility: Followed Government guidelines to better serve all members of the community in accessing healthcare.

Design for delight & gamification: Provides customers with positive feedback as they progress.

Competitor comparison: Let’s customer easily compare against other fund’s policies

Responsive: Works across all devices and platforms


The results of the new design is a consistent increase in customer engagement within the industry communities the health fund services. Customers were better able to determine eligibility and compare against other health funds; this lead to a uplift in conversions and reduction in cost per sale.

Brand trust, awareness and market share improved significantly compared to the previous design of the website. Emergency Services Health were better able to meet their mission statement goal of engaging and supporting the emergency health services employees, providing a vital service and product to this vital Australian community.


The current iteration of this dynamic personalisation engine and new UI/UX design came about slowly, having worked with ESHealth for over a year working on lean and iterative conversion rate optimisation, we came to a point where we had designed, tested and implemented a large backlog of conversion optimisation tasks. The next step was to combine all our learnings and research to solve much larger issues within the site.

Together, we designed a personalisation matrix and custom product algorithm for the product comparison questionnaire called a “Dynamic Personalisation Engine”.


The Dynamic Personalisation Engine is a solution to a range of issues inherent in many website questionnaires:

-Data security and privacy

As the product compare questionnaire collects customer data, it uses the personalisation matrix to provide feedback based on the customers’ answers. Such as the relevance of the questions, explaining health insurance and services concepts, how it affects the service/product that will be offered, and what you will get based on your answer.

This unprecedented transparency and personalisation creates an informed customer who trusts the service/product offered so they can make an informed choice.


Also included in this journey:

Competitor comparison: This enables a customer to compare against other popular funds without leaving the website, keeping the customer within ESHealth’s garden path as they are provided all information required to make an educated decision.

Questionnaire gamification: Using gaming UX mechanics to provide delightful feedback and a sense of achievement to the customer, this aims to give them an enjoyable experience in what is usually the biggest friction point

AA accessibility: As this service/product is targeted at health insurance customers, it has been redesigned to be accessible to vision impaired, elderly and blind users on both desktop and touch screen devices in line with government guidelines.

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