EM Dualist – side by side townhouse development, emphasis on linearity, openness, and interaction between the internal and external. The project managed to demonstrate its complexity and feasibility to meet planning requirements. The design of the EM Dualist revolves around a minimalist aesthetic, motivated by the use of natural materials. Against the white backdrop of the ceiling and walls, Tasmanian Oak is used for the flooring, staircase, and fittings, with accents of black sprinkled throughout the interior. The bathroom with marble tiles lining, walls, and floors; Natural lighting illuminates the interior, highlighting the simplistic aesthetic of the space.

Key Features


The modern scheme of with external uses of large windows, pitch roof, and timber look cladding achieved contemporary style within the context; coupled with interior design with crisp marble accents and natural materials that exude contemporary elegance, creating calming and minimalistic facades and spaces. Simple lighting design and fixtures juxtapose against a white backdrop, to create a balanced composition for the interior. Accents of black contribute visual interest to the interior. Planned openings amplify the natural sunlight which softly illuminates the interior, opening up the spaces. The white backsplash and kitchen island and timber flooring balance the internal ambiance


As the issue of climate change and diminishing natural resources are prevalent, sourcing local materials is one of our main approach in creating sustainable design. It gives us control over the internal and external materials to prevent any material wastage and avoid long-distance transportation. Low VOC paint & materials, low energy lights, and Tasmanian Oak fixtures also the sustainable elements that the design has incorporated. The durability and level of maintenance of the materials are also part of the important criteria that we need to consider throughout the design as the residence is expected to house many generations to come.


The project successfully demonstrates side by side development in the area. The minimalistic and calming and generous external façade and interior create a sense of wellbeing in the home and is necessary for the wellbeing of Melbournians. The therapeutic role of the interior improves wellbeing while representing the client’s ideas in material form. It acts as a kind of refuge from the stresses of daily lives. Moreover, as there is enormous over-production today, and that marketing pushes individuals to buy more and more, the minimalistic interior design helps inhabitants to concentrate on things that are essential and lead a simple life.


By realising that we only use 10 percent of everything we possess, the design of a minimalistic interior and exterior encourages the inhabitants to figure out what is truly essential for them. Classic and elegant, Carrara marble is used for the bathroom décor; simple and profound external treatment, entice the inhabitants to feel fresh every morning, while a minimal rain shower head and hardware keep the attention on the aesthetic and calming nature of the interior. This simple aesthetic soothes the soul and can inspire calmness and security. Natural lighting from the window provides a comfortable atmosphere that aids in the wellbeing of the inhabitants.


The linearity in space planning and site orientation, have enhanced space utility within the suburban infill and increased density to cater for future population growth. Externally, the modern façade treatment has subtlety celebrating itself within the context backdrop; internally, the floating staircase adds flair and accent to the interior, inspiring a simple, modern look. The levitating appearance gives them a light appearance that complements the simplistic interior. It also helps to create a naturally lit, airy, and relaxing, home environment. Tasmanian Oak is chosen as the material for the staircase to create a sense of warmness as opposed to the neutral and minimalistic backdrop of the interior.

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