Elevare Shower Foot Rest


  • Charlwood Design P/L
  • Elevare


The Elevare shower foot rest is an easy, non-slip way to shave, tan, exfoliate or moisturise your legs in the shower. This allows you too safely without the awkward balancing act trying to shave our legs in the shower. The alternative was to lean on the bathtub but this is often messy, slippery and what happens when you don’t have a bathtub at all?

Key Features


Bending over in the shower is dangerous and disorientating or placing your foot on the wall to raise the leg up leads over balancing. Similarly standing in a bath tub and bending over is leads to slipping.

-: Non slip edging, so it stays firmly in place even in wet areas


-: Comfortable positioning so you can see the task of shaving so areas are not missed.
-: Flexible, can be used in showers with sloping bases safely or in a bathroom corner near a basin/sink.
-: The form is clean and elegant without areas to catch dirt or soap scum, which makes it easy to remove and clean the gloss finish surface.
-: Innovative as it is a new solution to an old problem, people build fixed steps in at great expense.
-: Patented and Design registered

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