Eco Lite Crate Buddy 2L Bottle


  • FPC Food Plastics Pty. Ld.


Light weight plastic bottle, functionality without compromise.

FPC have developed a new lightweight bottle specifically for use in crates – the Eco Lite Crate Buddy 2L bottle.

The philosophy was to reduce raw material and energy consumption to deliver an eco-friendly solution to the reduction of recyclable packaging as well as energy savings. (Raw material savings of 6-8 gms / bottle)

By reducing the actual weight of the bottle we can achieve a reduction in packaging costs for our customers, reduce the time/energy it takes to manufacture the bottles reducing our environmental footprint – improved sustainability through innovation.

Key Features


The primary feature of the bottle is to be lower in weight to achieve environmental efficiencies/savings and in order to achieve this we have had to make calculated and tested changes to the bottle shape to ensure the integrity of the bottle is maintained without compromise – this has been achieved.


A further consideration was the ability to fit with ease into standard milk crate – accomplished.


We have also increased the handle grip area to actually allow for easy pickup using your hand rather than two fingers.

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