Eco-friendly Bamboo Toy Cars


  • Made of Bamboo


These Eco-friendly Bamboo Toy Cars combine the minimalist and contemporary design principles along with the simplicity and beauty of bamboo. They are made of highly durable bamboo and other eco-friendly materials yet fully biodegradable, ensuring the toy does not contribute to landfill waste at the end of life and can be fully composted.

The range includes four designs inspired from various car genres and includes Sportster, Vintage, F1 racer and Dragster.

In July this year Giant Grass launched a Kickstarter campaign under the brand ‘Made of Bamboo’, which was fully funded in August.

Key Features


Environmentally friendly

Toys are a major contributor to landfill and majority are made from plastic. These cars are made from eco-friendly and natural materials including bamboo, lead free eco paint and natural bees wax finish.

The design uses the natural hollow cylindrical form of bamboo minimising industrial processing and waste during production making it highly sustainable.


Minimalist design

The design is deliberately minimalistic to capture the essence of the car shape with minimal distraction. A few simple cuts in the right direction can make a huge difference.

The range includes four designs:
– Sportster – Inspired from the classic sports cars of the mid-twentieth century
– Vintage – Inspired from the simplicity and elegance of the early twentieth century cars
– F1 Racer – Inspired from the Formula 1 race cars
– Dragster – Inspired from the top fuel drag racing cars


Ergonomic and lightweight

The circular shape of bamboo is perfect for kids to hold and play. The cars use approximately 5cm diameter bamboo pieces and are approximately 20cm long making it ideal to hold and play for an age group of 3+ children.

The hollow nature of toys make it lightweight and safe for kids minimising harm.


Hand crafted

The cars use bamboo in its most natural hollow cylindrical form. Each piece is carefully selected, hand crafted and hand painted using natural and non-toxic materials. Each and every component, its manufacturing and assembling technique is carefully selected in order to ensure high quality finish.

The outer layer is finished with a fine grade sand paper can natural beeswax creating a silky smooth finish.


Inspires imagination

The minimalist design not only captures the essence but encourages kids imagination.

The natural outer surface will allow kids to paint and decorate the cars with their own stripes, numbers and decals or add their own figures as drivers.

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