Easy Spring Wand


  • Rollease Acmeda


This system re-sets the standard in child safe shades with user-friendly controls and slim line aesthetics, eliminating the need for cords or chains. The patented dual operation further improves the user experience, allowing users to conveniently control the shade using either the wand or weight bar. Featuring \’Auto-rise\’ technology, self-rising with a light pull of the weight bar or wand, ensures a smooth and controlled ascent of the shade, stopping at your favourite position. Suited to home and commercial applications, the system incorporates plug-n-play compatibility across many systems to offer specifiers, installers and consumers improved flexibility, installation and cost options.

Key Features


• Ultimate Child-safe Solution | Eliminates potential choking hazards (loose chains/cords) and complies with latest industry standards and regulations.

• Operation | Allows users one handed operation and offers (particularly impaired users) improved levels of comfort when gripping the wand.

• Function | Auto-rise feature ensures a smooth and controlled ascent, stopping the blind at the favourite position.

• Design | Unobtrusive and stylish, the wand provides an ideal operation for roller shades and controls a broad range of shade sizes.

• Installation and Adjustment Benefits | Accessible easy-to-use spring tension adjustment, intuitive stopping position setting for efficient on-site maintenance for users or technicians.

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