Earthlight: Lunar Mission


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Earthlight Lunar Mission is an unprecedented location-based VR experience that enables 6 people to travel to the moon and view the future of human colonization as envisioned by academics, scientists and space agencies such as NASA.

Using both cutting edge technology and lifelike visuals, Lunar Mission blends traditional game design with the new frontier of VR user-experience design to engage and educate users on space exploration.

Key Features


1. High fidelity AAA-level visual design that ranges from scientifically accurate Moon topography to science-fiction inspired habitations to engage a broad audience.
2. Able to guide, engage and educate up to 6 people in an interactive environment that spans from lander to lunar surface.
3. Narrative-driven, guided experience with accessibility options.
4. Enabling museums, science centers and universities to engage a broad audience through a largely automated VR experience.


1. Backend technologies that power the experience are already adopted in Defence, Aerospace and Construction industries with clients such as NASA, Boeing, BAE Systems and Pearson Education.
2. Enabling centers to visualize high fidelity environments and think about how virtual/mixed-reality technologies are changing the way we train, educate and interact in physical spaces.
3. Lunar Mission is already being planned for integrations/exhibitions at Scienceworks, Boston Museum of Science and Space Center Houston.


Earthlight Lunar Mission features a range of location-based design innovations that include guiding users in a digital space that is 100m2, inside of a 7m x 5m real-world space. Users are tricked into various physical movements that make their brains believe they\’ve traversed a great distance; a lot of these innovations, including tracking real-world objects in VR, are being rapidly integrated into VR/Immersive training applications being developed for clients in Boeing, Australian Defense Force as well as the European Space Agency.


Lunar Mission takes lessons from physical-play design, as well as educational/learning design whilst ensuring that best practices of VR user experience is adhered to.

A monumental task that is largely accomplished by a range of methods, including:
– Collaborative in-VR location/set design, not unlike traditional theater design, as multiple people jump ‘on-set’ to design play, spaces and composition
– Balancing fun with education, having had hundreds of test-user plays through development cycle over 3 different countries.
– Iterating repeatedly over dozens of versions to guide, trick and engage players to ‘believe’ they’re in an expansive large space in VR.


– Voice acted tour-guide (little robot ball) that’s based on real-world concepts for Space/Moon autonomous mapping drones.

– Habitations that include living quarters, greenhouses and even looking at Earth from a realistically rendered lunar surface.

– Full-body VR avatars, being able to see each other in astronaut suits and gesture and speak to each other in spaces.

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