Dust Reduction System


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The Dust Reduction System is the first affordable and effective, non-powered solution for the widespread problem of dust entry into caravans during transit.

The dual-function DRS pressurises the caravan with filtered air while driving. A second airpath provides free ventilation while stationary, replacing the need for installing additional wall vents.

The simple design allows users to easily and safely replace the filter from inside the caravan, using the magnetic access door.

Caravaners can now arrive and enjoy the destination rather than spend hours cleaning.

Key Features


In order to comply with gas safety standards, caravans have numerous ventilation openings, which unfortunately can allow dust entry while driving. Traditional solutions are expensive or allow water and bugs to enter and do not work at low speeds or while behind other vehicles.

The Dust Reduction System uses natural airflow to automatically pressurise the caravan while moving. The clever intake system also removes water, bugs and dust from the air.

Advanced airflow simulation was used to design multiple air paths for pressurisation and ventilation. Performance was validated using on-road testing measuring dust concentration in the air.


Dust levels were reduced by over 90% in extreme testing and real-world feedback has been excellent: “Massive improvement in dust suppression.” – Goce Bumbaroski, Lotus Caravans.

Dometic brings accessibility of a proven dust reduction solution to Australia’s 700,000 registered caravan owners with a product that is easy to install and less than half the price of existing alternatives.

Initial industry feedback suggests the DRS will be fitted as standard on many new caravans and is positioned to make a substantial contribution to Dometic’s revenue growth, in an industry worth $4.5b per year (Caravan Industry Assoc. 2018).


The success of the design and styling have led to further projects in the Melbourne Dometic office to explore new solutions to grow our portfolio of products.

New workflow processes and benchmarks for concept evaluation & selection have been created for future projects as well as increased utilisation of design tools such as Design for Six Sigma.

Sharing the product design process with our customers has raised the profile of not just Dometic but also Australian innovation. Many customers were not fully aware of our design and engineering capability and this has helped build trust and brand recognition.


A core value in the design process was ‘voice of the customer’ and translating customer needs into engineering requirements. Greater understanding of requirements allowed more relevant solutions to be generated and robust verification of the design meeting those needs.

Creativity is at the core of solution generation and Dometic have employed new techniques such as brainstorming, brute think and TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving).

Perspectives on both customer requirements and potential solutions from colleagues in Industrial Design, Marketing and Sales have helped create a more rounded and well-defined product with broader appeal to customers.


Significantly reduces the amount of dust, harmful airborne particles and pollen entering the RV while driving

Reduces cleaning time after RV trips

Dust filters remove particles below 10 micrometres, and can be easily replaced from inside the caravan

Non-powered & automatic operation requires no opening or closing of vents

Fits roof openings between 285 x 285 mm and 400 x 400 mm and roof thicknesses between 30 mm and 65 mm.

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