DULUX World of Colour Exhibit – designEX 2013


  • UNO Australia
  • Dulux Australia
  • Upfront Displays


This exhibit was all about colour and movement inspired by the Dulux Colour Forecast 2013. Using just under 2km of coloured stretched bungee cord, the playful perimeter shouted “come and see me” from afar. At the centre of the stand two large island counters served as the information and retail hub for the Dulux Colour Atlas and other collateral. Located behind the hub was a Gallery for the Dulux Colour Awards and Intergrain Timber Vision Awards – a suspended wall creating a galley style space where visitors could view shortlisted submissions.

Key Features


More than the sum of its parts, the Dulux exhibit was dynamic, tactile, entertaining, informative, and memorable. The reuse and repurpose of the exhibit were key objectives for this project. The bungee cord itself is set to live many colourful lives. It will be reused in future Dulux exhibitions and installations, after which the Colourways Group has indicated it will repurpose the cord in various projects, including a children\’s playground. The white laminate flooring is owned by Dulux and is reused for multiple installations. Product display stacks will be used in upcoming trade shows and events.

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