Dream Monitor Arm


  • Charlwood Design


Following on from the successful Ellipta Monitor Arm developed over a decade (licenced to Häfele globally), Charlwood Design has again committed to re-inventing the flexible workspace with the Dream Monitor Arm.

The Dream Monitor Arm system is a revolutionary new workspace system designed to adapt to a variety of different technology configurations.

Smart Phones, Tablets and Touch Screens have all interrupted the workplace landscape, and we needed to accommodate these- plus future-proof our system for any other introductions.

You no longer need to replace one product with another to adapt your work environment, in a word it is ‘flexible’.

Key Features


It was established that if we could break the assembly down into modular components, it would be able to adapt to suit a variety of setups.

We could also easily develop and design new modules in the future, and easily integrate them into the pre-existing system, using the same mounting base.

The key to our modular system all comes down to the patented locking hub, which securely and easily connects all the modules. With a simple rotate and drop, these modules quickly connect together for instant use.

Rotate and pull, and the modules disassemble as quickly as they were assembled.


With this system, anyone can run variety of different setups- single monitors, dual monitors, laptops, tablets, smart-phones, task lights, charging and power ports. Setups can be easily modified without the use of tools.

Once you have the core arm modules, you can easily add new modules as your workspace changes.

We wanted to open up the possibilities for when specifying or designing a work space. It was important to not limit the system to just corporate office fitouts. We want to expand into the home market, POS, exhibition and hospitality markets- where a fully specified monitor arm is often overkill.


To reduce weight, embodied energy and elongate the life of the product, several key components have been manufactured out of high grade, advanced polymer. This is the first monitor arm to use polymers for structural components, traditionally, these components are die cast aluminium, which results in heavier parts.

Countless hours were spent calculating and testing the correct design of these parts, so they could withstand heavier Monitors as well as additional surrounding forces.


During the installation process, current monitors arms often prove to be bulky, awkward and complex.

By breaking down the arm into easy modules, we can create more efficient packaging resulting in less waste, whilst also minimizing shipping cost. Installation is so simple, anyone can do it.


It is the only arm that can be disassembled for recycling without specialist tools. There are no secondary decretive finishes required on the polymer parts, thus reducing VOCs.

The Dream Monitor Arm system has approximately one quarter of the total parts used, when compared to competitors.

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