Dragonfly: Electric Cafe Racer


  • Jeniece Cheung
  • Evarzeg Ginguene
  • Harrison Oldmeadow
  • Patrick Rushton


Dragonfly CB1 is a concept motorcycle project that merges classic design and upcoming technologies.

It builds on rich motorcycle heritage and employs bespoke craftsmanship to push forward the natural evolution of the cafe racer.

Key Features


1. Timber body
The body of the Dragonfly CB1 is made of Australian timber. The contrast of red Jarrah and pale Victorian Ash highlighting the contours of the bike and drawing attention to its fine craftsmanship. The use of second hand timber further reduces its impact on the environment.


2. Electric motor
The Dragonfly is powered by a repurposed hybrid vehicle battery and motor. It aims to move away from the modern, utilitarian form of other electric motorbikes, and make the future of the motorcycle as rich and organic as its past.


3. Integrated display and lights
The user interface is simple and large for ease of reading at a glance. LED’s hidden behind a matte black surface illuminate as the user powers up the bike. Unusual timber headlights, using matching timber to the body, add character and balance to the bike. The taillights match the interface, with curved profiles inset into the timber.


4. Light and minimalist design
Its fluid organic form is inspired by the streamlined styling of 1930’s automotive designs, and closely follows the iconic form of early cafe-racers. The electronics are carefully hidden away inside the body, which combined with a minimal black steel frame, result in its stark, clean, iconic outline.

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