Draggin Jeans Holeshot


  • Draggin Jeans Pty Ltd


Draggin Jeans Holeshot are the world\’s first such product designed specifically for motorcyclists which has been approved to the highest level of motorcycle apparel protection with CE Conformity European BS EN 13595-1:2002 at Level 2. This means Draggin\’s protective lining now lasts more than 7.46 seconds of road abrasion, which is very likely better than most leather race suits available.

Key Features


The Holeshot incorporate Roomoto, a revolutionary fabric, which offers unmatched safety plus climate control which takes heat and sweat away from the skin.


Outside the look is of normal jeans with the technology hidden inside.


The Draggin Holeshot has moisture wicking technology to keep moisture away from the skin.


The Draggin Holeshot has an anti-bacterial feature to keep you fresh whilst being very lightweight and breathable.

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