Dont Pandemic


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Dontpandemic ( is a campaign lead by UnitedMake to promote art, information and positivity during the 2020 Global Covid-19 crisis. It all started as a question, “how can we help?” – UnitedMake saw the world slowly grind to a halt and wanted to try and provide positive relief to those who needed it, with a simple message…Dontpandemic. The campaign included a website and a physical art book being shared globally, all the profits went back to the 45 artists that contributed and the project was conceived and edited entirely during the corona-coaster lockdown in Victoria, Australia

Key Features


Dontpandemic is a fun and engaging graphical iconic campaign aimed at spreading positivity during a time of crisis. During a time of lockdown, fear and digital fake news, United Make created a physical art book (this was in contrast where everyone was working from home, wired to their zoom, skype, google meet screens and it was an intentional way to move away from digital content). It considers how the viewers could take a break, read a normal book and bring a smile to the readers face


The project was conceived from seeing what opportunities designers, architects and artists could provided in a time of crisis, with all the healthcare workers on the front line, United Make made dontpandemic as a pro-bono project where artists could spread stories of mental-wellbeing, inspiring content and correct information (backed by the WHO – World Health Organisation) to help people to get over this difficult time. All the profits earned was given back to the artists who contributed (many who were also struggling during this period).


This project demonstrates the power of global collaboration and the ability to have multiple voices through one project all done through remote means. In a time where there is so much segregation, confusion and hate, dontpandemic shines a light of unity, love and care. It shows that even in the toughest of times, we as humans are resilient and empathic (no matter what country, religion or race).


This project was to combat the fear, frustration and anger that was circulating during the pandemic. United Make teamed up with 45 artists around the world to create a beautiful art book that was both informative and fun. It demonstrated an incredible mix of international designers, using digital painting, graphic design, animations, 3D visualisations, hand drawn illustration & abstract mixed media. It was art with a purpose – to tell a collaborative story for everyone to be positive whilst being educated

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