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Dometic’s recreational vehicle (RV) inverter air-conditioner range is made up of IBIS4, Harrier Lite (FJ3000) and Harrier Plus. They are rooftop mounted self-contained air-conditioners for RV’s including caravans and motorhomes. They were developed to address the sometimes-conflicting needs of a low-profile vs low noise vs high performance vs durability vs low weight.
In an industry first, the range features a dual-cylinder horizontal inverter compressor which along with other design features, reduces noise and vibration, lowers power consumption and improves performance. The air distribution unit was developed to optimize airflow and features a touch panel display with many user-friendly functions.

Key Features


Dometic’s structured product development process was used to develop the range. The dual-cylinder inverter (variable speed) compressor lowers power consumption and reduces noise/vibration during operation.
The simplified user interface provides access to operating modes which minimize noise while conditioning the room quicker.
Computerised design of the airflow channels also reduced noise and provided better air-distribution within the RV.
Lower profile rooftop units provide reduced wind resistance. The low-profile interior section is integrated easily in new and older RV’s with minimal impact on headroom.
The air-conditioners make use of light weight but strong Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) and feature recyclable plastic and metal materials.


Optimizing internal airflow and output air distribution of the air-conditioner, has resulted in a reduction in the time it takes to condition the interior of the RV. This in conjunction with the inverter compressor allows the air-conditioner power consumption to be significantly reduced over conventional units of similar size. Reducing the number of components along with weight minimisation works to reduce the overall weight of the RV and can help to lower fuel consumption when travelling. The technology has become mainstream in Australia, with the Dometic range having around 73% of the market and is gaining momentum in Europe.


The locally driven design and development has helped clearly identify and address the key needs of Australian customers. Direct interviews and feedback from consumers and installers was used as input at key stages of the design, providing valuable local design input. The introduction of the inverter air-conditioner range into the RV market has set a new benchmark and resulted in a product range that has met or exceeded customer expectations in the areas of performance, functionality and noise/vibration.


The use of dual-cylinder horizontally mounted inverter compressor technology is a first in the RV industry world-wide. A major concern for customers using rooftop mounted air-conditioners in RV’s is excessive noise and vibration. This is largely due to the mounting location in the centre of the roof where the RV structure offers limited support and can amplify noise. The compressor can be a major source of this noise and vibration. In addition to the compressor, we worked to isolate sources of noise and vibration by looking at sound isolation using Expanded Polypropylene construction.


A roof plate adapter provides easy fitment and sealing to two common RV roof opening sizes without any additional parts, simplifies installation and removal if needed. It also allows backward compatibility where replacing older or competitor models.
The low-profile rooftop units allow stress free parking of RV’s where height limits exist, while maintaining excellent performance and low noise levels.
A unique fan housing was developed using computer simulation and laboratory testing which resulted in an improvement in airflow and gains in system performance. Fan speeds are optimised to achieve a further airflow noise reduction without sacrificing cooling performance.

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