Domain Road Pop-up Park


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  • Carringvale


Construction of Metro Tunnels’ new Anzac Station on Domain Road has impacted local restaurants. As a sustainable business support initiative, the Metro Tunnel Creative Program has delivered an attractive, practical temporary pop-up park taking over five carparking spaces and allowing the restaurants’ street trading to be extended.

During the Covid-19 pandemic the parklets allowed for people to safety wait for their takeaways. The outdoor space will allow more patrons to safely dine during lower restriction periods when social distancing and being outdoors is still essential.

Key Features


The pop-up park needed to be a temporary initiative that potentially could be transported and used in other parts of the project. Design needed to be attractive yet hardwearing, DDA compliant and complement the green aesthetic of the area. It needed to be welcoming while also ensuring it complied with vehicle attenuation requirements, drought tolerant planting and it had to be easily to maintain.

Also, the park ideally needed to have minimal construction in order to minimise disruption to local businesses.


The polished design and construct of the Park has resulted in positive social and commercial impacts for local businesses and residents.

Engagement undertaken by Metro Tunnel Creative Program for the first four months of the park’s operation which showed the overwhelming majority of people felt positive about the park citing pleasure at the removal of carparks, the additional greenery, the greater sense of community and general uplift in area’s amenity.

While businesses were impacted from March 2020 by COVID-19, the restaurants noted the benefits of the park allowing greater distancing for people waiting for takeaway food or coffee which helped them during this challenging time.


The park has increased the overall space available for local businesses to trade, meaning they can host a higher volume of customers at any one time.

As part of the installation, the project team worked closely with local businesses to update their permits to allow them to trade in the newly added space.

Local businesses trade within the park during their operating hours. The park has been designed to include timber benches to allow for public use outside of the businesses trading hours.

Some local businesses have reported an increase in revenue since the park was installed in mid-December 2019.

The park is regularly maintained by the Metro Tunnel Creative Program which included additional sanitisation of surfaces and signage promoting physical distancing as a response to COVID-19.


Thought was given to all requirements including integration with the existing curb, ensuring stormwater drainage would not be impacted, appropriate space for restaurants to safely place loose tables and chairs, durable and attractive design of benches and finishes.

The modular design of the park means the modules (which fit a standard sized car park) can be used on other sites if required. Each module is connected to the other to form the complete structure.

The Royal Botanic Gardens (RBG) was engaged to curate the planting palette which was consistent with its Landscape Succession Strategy.


Best to leave the last word to the community so here are just a few responses from the engagement survey:
\”Great to have the extra room for prams\”
\”This needs to stay and is a lot safer to sit without cars parking beside you\”
\”Fantastic improvement. And feels like a safer place\”
\”Beautiful location, perfect setting for dining! Important for tourism & local amenity of the area\”
\”Green spaces are crucial in this urban environment. Please keep it!\”
\”Has made the a far greater attraction for local relaxed diners. Shows what Melbourne has to offer. Please keep it permanently\”

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