Dollop Pendant Light


  • Ash Furniture


Inspired by a dollop of cream falling gently off a spoon, I wanted to create a sensual, organic pendant light full of contrasts.

Asymmetric but perfectly balanced, matt on the outside, glossy on the inside, narrow at the top and voluminous at the bottom.

A 7W warm white LED globe hidden from sight, indirectly illuminates the large space below.

Handmade in Melbourne from an earthenware ceramic slip casting.

Overall Dimensions: 320mm x 380mm x 420mm high.
Weight: 1.5kg

Key Features


The intense, directional light from a long-lasting low wattage LED (hidden from direct line of sight) is diffused down the shade to softly illuminate the space below.


Asymmetric but perfectly balanced, the shade is made from earthenware ceramic, perfect for heat resistance and makes it an heirloom piece.

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