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Dokio is a design automation tool that gives marketing teams, sales teams, retail managers and in-house design teams a safe and secure platform from which to create, distribute and manage their branded communications.

With a user-friendly, browser-based platform, flexible templates and central asset libraries, Dokio helps brands to streamline and simplify repetitive and ad-hoc tasks that should be mind-numbingly simple (but are so often anything but)e.g., an image swap, an update to a legal disclaimer etc.

The result is high-quality, consistently on-brand communications, streamlined approval processes and more time for brands and agencies to concentrate on the next big idea.

Key Features


Originally conceived as a custom solution for one of our clients, Dokio was designed to solve a very specific problem from day one.

Frustrated by how costly and time-consuming it was to coordinate simple changes to branded communications, we designed a platform to empower users to create, distribute and manage artworks themselves.

Dokio is no one-size-fits-all product, though. Every artwork template is custom-built for the client and includes multiple permissions and user access options. By narrowing and expanding what users can see and change based on their access level, their experience is always as frictionless as possible.


Since its launch, Dokio has grown rapidly, securing many high-profile clients both locally and internationally. The impact on clients has been overwhelmingly positive, with one client saying:

“As a large organisation, it is often hard to control the collateral that goes out the door. Dokio allows us to provide our corporate sales team with assets that are always correct and controlled, so we have the confidence that they’re using the right imagery, pre-approved text and tone of voice every time.”

Clients save time and money, reduce regulatory risk, improve consistency and, perhaps most importantly, protect their brand.


Dokio has fundamentally transformed the way clients create, distribute and manage their branded communications. By automating many elements of the design process (from artwork creation to approvals), they have the power to respond quickly to the changing needs of their business and to improve the experience of their customers.

Similarly, we at Liquorice have been liberated and energised by the possibilities of iterative improvement. We are constantly making updates to the product features and the user experience based on research, testing and feedback.


The original, market-driven concept for Dokio involved a simple, accessible in-browser platform (inspired by email marketing platforms) that included templates for consistently branded digital and print artwork.

True to Liquorice’s underlying philosophy (that magic happens at the intersection of disciplines), we worked closely with Dokio developers and product managers to gain insights into users and refine our initial concept in response to them.

One such insight was that new users weren’t being trained and didn’t know where to start. In response, we implemented a comprehensive new onboarding process and template wizard to ensure that all new users were confident users.


* Cloud-based
* Custom-built artwork templates
* Live previews of artwork
* Automatically saves
* Centralised brand asset library
* Built-in approvals
* Sophisticated permissions/access levels
* Outputs artwork for print/email/web
* Supplier integration to printers/mail houses

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