• Dungflung designs


Anyone who owns a dog will know that picking up their deposits while taking them out for a walk is an environmentally important, but unpleasant business.
There are toys for throwing balls for dogs and I thought if I could conceive a device that was compact and able to perform a combined function of being able to throw a ball, but also double as a poop scoop, that would be very handy for dog owners.
After working through many design options I have created a simple device, which means you don\’t need to touch slobbery balls or squashy bags again!

Key Features


The main component of the design is a flexible, hollow cone that has an opening along its top edge. This slit is biased to the closed position but is opened when a squeezing action is applied to the sides, thus allowing access to the hollow cavity so you can pickup a ball, or inserts a waste bag.
The cone portion of the device is screwed onto a handle that has a wrist strap and an internal storage space for a roll of dog waste bags.
This product is compact, easily manufactured, easy to use and has obvious environmental benefits.

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