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No more pushy sales, commissions or overheads. DIY Blinds have disrupted the window furnishings industry with their intuitive do it yourself website enabling customers to design, measure, order and install Australian made curtains, shutters and blinds.

Key Features


As a growing disruption business, DIY Blinds needed to evolve their brand and digital platform to better communicate the level of quality in their products and services. The brand needed to shift its consumer messaging from a discount offering to a premium design solution used by some of the best interior designers and renovators in Australia. This shift required a new easy to use website providing customers a way to design and order online and align the brand direction with the new and improved customer experience.


The website provides DIY Blinds a better way to promote the brand and allows the strong influencer audience to do the same. The site has expanded as they have, to include new product lines and an ever growing list of features for customers to choose from when customising their curtains, shutters and blinds. The brand has shifted from discount supplier to quality design solution for your home. Since the site launched in 2019 DIY Blinds have grown from $8 million in turnover to over $15 million.


The DIY Blinds website provides customers an easy and intuitive way to buy blinds, shutters and curtains online without the need for the traditional measure and quote service. The design of the website has positioned DIY Blinds as a leader and disruptor, providing customers finite control of their choices in a purpose designed customiser.


The website responds to three key user behaviours; researching, inspiration and ordering samples, designing and ordering through an intuitive and responsive product customiser and lastly do it yourself installation guides and videos. Unlike a traditional ecommerce experience, the website had to heavily support the research phase of the user journey. Inspirational content provides a launch pad for customers to order free samples of their chosen product. Customers are then encouraged to return to the site to order their final products and install it themselves, feeling supported by the quality customer service team at every step.


The DIY Blinds website is a leader in the window furnishing industry, allowing customers to skip the frustrating measure and quote process and bricks and mortar stores to order all their window furnishing needs from the comfort of home. This was never more evident than when COVD-19 brought most of the traditional industry to a halt, allowing DIY Blinds to charge ahead with an already digitally enabled solution for customers. During this time DIY Blinds has continued to grow and improve their website, investing in continuous improvement of the design and user experience.

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