Distorted Visions


  • Sherry Kwok


An investigation derived from the notion of kinetic movement, exploring the distortion of the human form through the relationship between visual perception and the moving body; through the relationship between tight fitting forms and voluminous silhouettes.
Inspired by compression garments, this exploration deals with how the form must adhere to the instruction of the wearer, distorting and/or manipulating these roles by developing archetypes that are unrestrained expressions of the individual. These series of garments aims to shift the perception of the body that focuses on the silhouette as a juxtaposition to the real body.

Key Features


This collection carry diversity in how it can be worn and styled; it encourages the wearer to ‘play’ and move around in the pieces. As a result it can be placed within diverse contexts: sportswear/activewear, runway, fashion and performance, and also streetwear. The key features include the tight fitting pieces (bodysuits, leggings, top) contrasted by a voluminous outer form. The bodysuits are inspired by compression garments that utilises panelling and complex line-work. This is complimented by a colourful cover-stitching detail highlighting the panelling and the illusion/distortion of the body particularly when juxtaposed with the outer form. The voluminous outer piece uses a combination of opposing fabrications that has been
Looks focus on different areas of the body and/or conceptualises clothing archetypes i.e. the legs/jumpsuit, the arms/sleeves, the head and lower body/dress.
All this works together in order to create something different yet relatable to current society and trends.

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