Displaced Bench


  • Kathleen Prentice


Displaced in name references social disengagement, contrary to this idea, it is designed to bring people together and enhance limtied space.

Its form is inspired by the strict architecture of inner-city living where harsh repeated forms direct us where to go, it has been translated into a visually soft inviting place to sit.

Key Features


Good design is made to last. Displaced is a piece to be handed down through generations, moving away from the current throwaway society. Its multi-functional form allows it to suit any space in the home and its versatility means it will never be discarded.


Displaced offers an inviting textual landscape, setting the benchmark for a sustainable future. It is made from recycled Australian Blackbutt timber and cotton rope, it is hand joined from CNC generated forms ensuring minimal waste. This design is multi-functional, it is suited to any space in the home and designed to last many life times.

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