Dirty Coal


  • Simone Chait
  • Andre Bonnice and Jean Marie Spencer
  • RMIT University


This project looks at future uses of coal-fired power stations in the La Trobe Valley – specifically at Australia’s dirtiest station – Yallourn.
The proposal aims to bring justice to the unique Victorian town that was “dug up for coal”. By giving the station back to the people of Yallourn, Yallourn moves into its next life – a place that can once again facilitate community value. By collating elements that made Yallourn what is was, and re-positioning them around the power station, the site becomes a strange and nostalgic intersection between different historical times, within the relics of industrial machinery.

Key Features


Yallourn was the first mining town in the LaTrobe valley, and the SEC ensured the town became a unique and Utopian destination. Yallourn became a hub of culture and community with many state of the art facilities – a bustling pool, theatre, library. In the 1960s the SEC announced that Yallourn had easily accessible coal sitting underneath, and they were going to destroy the town. The new Yallourn is a community facility that commemorates the forgotten town and also provides to the surrounding communities. What coal did for us in the past, while moving into a future for the area.


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