Digital Dirt: Analogue Visions of A Digital Future


  • Benjamin Shields Design


Digital Dirt is a projection mapped installation piece by Benjamin Shields. It is prototypical work for a touring installation combining architecture, electronic music and mesmerizing projection mapped visuals in an album length performance.

Key Features


Drawing on the gritty and powerfully atmospheric analogue techniques of 1980s science-fiction cinema, Digital Dirt embraces and champions the preservation of dirt and texture in projection mapping, digital design and art. The piece serves as a critique of other projection mapped installations, which neglect the importance of texture, materiality, warmth and dirt in both projected visuals and architectural structure.


Digital Dirt also asks how digital processes across the three disparate disciplines might come together in a final performative outcome and inform each other during the design process. The piece examines how through the synthesis of sonics, form and animation each discipline is able to extend beyond its traditional performative parameters.


Inherent in the work is the potential use of these techniques and aesthetic exploration in a range of signage, wayfinding, immersive design and of course entertainment design applications.


Narrative is a critical component of the design exploration and explores the awakening of a timeless technological artifact and a journey through 4 ambiguous but distinctly familiar visual settings evoking scenes reminiscent of alien architecture, burning refineries and the city by night.

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