DIA & AGOTYA Gallery designEx 2013


  • UNO Australia
  • Design Institute of Australia (DIA)


The Design Institute of Australia (DIA) is Australia\’s professional membership body for designers and design businesses. AGOTYA is a portfolio-based awards program for final year design students and recent design graduates in Australia and New Zealand.
Inspired by the role and reach of the DIA, the theme of the installation was ‘Connectivity’. As such the physical space was literally tied together with loops of elastic in DIA / AGOTYA corporate colours – Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Simple and cost effective, this design solution created brand architecture with relevance and purpose.

Key Features


The stand served as an informal meeting place and information point where visitors could engage with DIA volunteers to learn more about the role of the DIA, it\’s programs and events, and the various benefits of becoming a DIA member.
The DIA & AGOTYA gallery shows that something (functional and beautiful) can in fact be made of next to nothing, cost as much, and produce as much waste. A design project approached with cleverness, resourcefulness and obligatory design restraint, we also believe that the gallery is a wonderful example of sustainable temporary architecture without compromise.

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