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Devitt Property Group was a boutique, family business. They took pride in providing personalised service and products of the highest quality. Even the Directors themselves were the epitome of classic gentlemen. Everything about the business harked back to a time before big, faceless corporations dominated the landscape.

We really liked these attributes and felt that they would resonate strongly with potential property purchasers. We designed their brand was to really bring Peter and Kane Devitt to the fore. It is the embodiment of their values and ethos, and that is why we believe it is so powerful.

Key Features


Our clients wanted the Devitt Property Group brand to feel welcoming, yet prestigious, with a sense of honesty and establishment.

We achieved this by creating a high end colour palette of warm charcoal, rich gold and crisp white.

We also designed a custom font that would be used as their logo. It took a classic serif font and added a touch of modern flair so that it embodied the best aspects of each.

It was then just a matter of expanding on the core design elements to create a suite of collateral that furthered the core foundations of the brand.


The implementation of the Devitt Property Group brand design provided founders Peter and Kane Devitt with a more suitable platform to market their high end residential developments.

Both gentlemen were already highly regarded in the property industry, however, had made their names in the building and construction segment. The brand of that business did not align with what they were looking to do with their new ventures. The Devitt Property Group brand addressed these needs perfectly.


Since the inception of the Devitt Property Group and the commencement of their first residential development, the brand has received significant exposure in the press, leading to a surge in brand awareness.

We expect this to continue to grow as we move towards the project’s launch later in 2018.


Innovation is usually associated with new technology or doing something that has not been done before. However, those ideas didn’t really sit well with the more traditional personality of the Devitt Property Group.

So, instead of joining the ranks of most other property development companies who were looking to the future for innovation, we chose to look back on the past.

We deliberately designed a brand that felt classic, refined and a little old school. Not only did that fit the profile of the business, we felt it was an approach that would resonate with prospective clients.

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