DesignToUnite Campaign


  • Clear
  • Reconciliation Australia
  • oOh! Media
  • Dentsu Mitchell
  • AGDA


DesignToUnite is a creative campaign designed by Clear. A call for contribution from the creative sector, it formed an opportunity for meaningful discourse around Reconciliation. Clear designed an identity which formed a call-to-action campaign, the main objective to encourage design studios, professionals and students to submit a design interpretation of the word “unite”. Entries were submitted as poster designs with 170 design creatives contributing over 350 submissions. Nine finalists were selected–by an expert panel–to lead the campaign, announced at an exhibition event coordinated by Clear. DesignToUnite’s live campaign–a nation-wide outdoor campaign shared across online and social–Took place over Reconciliation Week.

Key Features


Using a disjointed “U” symbol as its main graphic–paired with a friendly colour palette and the wordmarque in a geometric typeface–the design is minimal and expressive, the language factual and succinct. The DesignToUnite brand was rolled out across digital communications, a website, outdoor media and on t-shirts, capturing the attention of real people while calling for prompt action from the design industry. The messaging encouraged inclusive conversation, uniting creatives in a common goal to create change.


The DesignToUnite brand is used to show solidarity with Australia’s First Peoples. It demonstrated the power of design in communicating meaningfully to help important social causes. DesignToUnite aimed to bring to attention the important responsibility of white, middle-class Australians to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and enable Indigenous issues to be in focus, creating a platform for Indigenous voices to be heard. The initiative requested the attention, passion and involvement from the creative industry, Designers being key communicators and innovators in our society. The DesignToUnite campaign worked to encourage these influential leaders to demonstrate their dedication to creating a fair and just society.


DesignToUnite encouraged a special partnership between the design industry and Indigenous organisations, such as AGDA, Recognise and Reconciliation Australia. It has created an opportunity for design to directly encourage action and change behaviours on an important social issue. The project has encouraged meaningful discussions and ideas from other content creators and organisations wishing to become allies and contribute to the campaign again in future.


DesignToUnite partnered with oOh! Media, using their outdoor digital display network for the campaign. For the first time, the screens within shopping centres were all deployed using the same message in the same space, forming the ‘gallery’ effect. The DesignToUnite brand was driven by its medium, predominantly seen in short form communications – outdoor, EDM and online. Drawing inspiration from classic activism posters, the brand’s narrative is concise and bold, the feature being motivation to create conversation and encourage involvement on a broad scale to benefit the cause–reconnecting the design industry with First Peoples issues, taking a stand.

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