Designer Grab Rail


  • Availcare


Availcare have created a brand new range of stylish grab rails that complement the bathroom décor & assist with stability & movement around the bathroom.
Customers hated the idea of having grab rails installed because of the stigma attached with the existing stale hospital looking rails. Availcare began with a ground up redesign of the grab rail and regularly consulted with industry professionals to improve their style, ergonomics and installation.
Our core aim is to give the peace of mind that we and our loved ones can live safely and independently with dignity.

Key Features


Customers no longer detest installing grab rails as our designs seamlessly integrate with their bathroom style. They help prevent injuries caused from falls in the bathroom whilst keeping the bathroom stylish. Approved to the required AS1428.1-2009 standard and well exceed the load capacity to allow for bariatric requirements. Processors and material minimised for sustainability.


Simplified installation to address common issues faced by installer, for existing wall studs the rail can be cut down on site to suit (currently retrofits can be a difficult expensive process). Can be customized to suit the customers unique requirements including, size, capacity, finish, grip, illumination

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