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In response to the profound effects of the built environment on our well-being, Design Unwind is an installation space dedicated to offering guests a peaceful reprieve from modern life and the current state of the world. As we adapt to the new normal and spend our days indoors, the impact of our home surroundings is becoming more significant, particularly on our state of mind and well-being. Design Unwind utilizes mood enhancing design principles and manufacturing expertise, to create a space intended to positively enhance our mood and ultimately improve life in our built environments.

Key Features


Thorough research, brainstorming sessions, many meetings including all three teams were held to discuss the space and custom products that encompass four main mood enhancing design principles – Bioliphic Design, Tactility & Wellbeing, Neotenic Design and Personalized Design, Movement and Support. We made sure all materials could be sourced, colors matched and each component could be manufactured so all parts could be assembled and installed for the launch in a safe and quality assured manner. The collaborative space utilises manufacturing expertise to positively enhance our mood and ultimately improve life as we spend our days indoors.


The project spotlights mental wellbeing and how changes to a person\’s interiors can enhance the state of mind. It is an example of how large commercial spaces and products should be created – with humans at the centre and not financial gain. Local practitioners were invited to use Design Unwind as a place to share their knowledge with the community on how to improve well-being before the lockdown. Being a custom company means we\’ve only produced one of each design and don\’t carry stock, therefore reducing wastage. Wool is the main fibre used which is renewable and durable.


The project sets a new benchmark for design and its impacts on health and wellbeing. Investing in professional design means there is intention and every choice is thoughtful. The space shows that Australian design is human-centric and we are focussing on mental wellbeing as a priority. We created a space with new custom pieces through a creative collaboration between three leading product manufacturers.


Design Unwind tackles the theme of Melbourne Design Week 2020 – \’how design can shape and improve life\’ with the intention of using industry, product and manufacturing knowledge to create a human-centered space. The space offers people a peaceful reprieve from modern life and the current state of the world, a direct response to our days spent indoors due to COVID-19. We\’ve incorporated design principles and produced custom pieces to teach people how to positively enhance their experiences with the built environments.


The merging of materiality across interior industries to create new products and surfaces. The multipurpose ottomans serve as impromptu seats using rug inserts, while the inclusion of a hidden tiled surface underneath the ottoman, enables a multitude of uses; from writing surface to drinks stand. Flexible, transformative pieces encourage personalization, creativity and movement. Thoughtful design and research having a positive impact on the state of mind and well-being of people. Informed interior choices can improve our experience of build environments.

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