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The Dermapen 4 micro-needling instrument sets a new global standard in dermatology, providing treatment for numerous skin conditions. As the first instrument to provide speed and depth adjustment via an advanced digital interface, Dermapen 4 delivers ergonomic control and digital precision in an affordable, accessible alternative to expensive IPL/laser equipment.

Key Features


The Dermapen 4 strikes a balance between the aesthetics of a medical tool and a consumer friendly product, appealing to the broad user-base ranging from surgical practitioners to professional clinicians. The sleek, lightweight body of the instrument is indicative of a world-class dermatology device, while the angled counterweighting head provides a point of differentiation amongst the market of mostly symmetrical competitors. The distinct white-and-blue colour scheme adds an element of approachability to the device, which both puts the patient at ease when they undergo treatments and solidifies Dermapen’s market-leading brand identity to all consumers.


As a result of Dermapen’s improved needling technology, practitioners are, for the first time, able to offer deeper scar-treatment functionality in an affordable format. IoT connectivity allows the instrument to remain updated and running at peak performance, while unique dual-seal cartridges prevent fluid ingress into the instrument to ensure sterility. The Dermapen 4 also uses audio cues to alert the practitioner when a cartridge’s needles are no longer optimal for use, all of which make it easier than ever for practitioners to provide the highest-level treatment to each of their patients.


The Dermapen 4 is the first instrument of its kind to have an entirely digital interface, which separates the device from anything in the market and gives operators confidence that their needling depth is optimised for the appropriate treatment. The interface can be adjusted in real-time with one hand, providing instantaneous visual and audio feedback to the operator. The instrument also allows the recording of treatment information, streamlining logistical operations for a practitioner and transforming how they conduct their business.


Precise dimensions are recorded onto an embedded RFID chip, allowing the Dermapen 4 to automatically recalibrate for perfect depth accuracy, eliminating the possibility of human error. Additionally, the smart, patent-pending 16 needle cartridge contains more micro-needles than any competitor, allowing the instrument to glide smoothly over the skin with unparalleled ease, while superior oscillating technology increases the speed, precision and safety of treatments, virtually eliminating drag.


• Audio Feedback. Along with distinct visual indications, the Dermapen 4 uses subtle audio cues to draw the operator’s attention to changes in state and confirm inputs.
• Dual Power Operation. Accommodates corded or wireless usage; a feature exclusive to the Dermapen 4
• Tiered Treatment. Treatment depth limits are individually set for home, clinic and medical applications aligned with operator qualifications.
• One Handed Operation. Sterile practice requires the operator to exclusively use one hand for the instrument and the other for contact with the patient. The Dermapen 4 can be controlled entirely with one hand.

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