Defense Reflex


  • RMIT University


Fashion is not just as a garment to be worn, it also can be an ideal guide to answer social questions. The anxieties of nuclear, pollution and so on cause fears around us. We use garment as second skin to protect ourselves. Inspired by zombie boy who’s wearing death to protect himself, the design explores the concept of revealing emotion through protection. It suggests that garment can simultaneously reveal our inner emotions or insecurities. This design divided into three scenes: nuclear explosion, airplane crash and shipwreck. The ‘fake arms’ on the front is a symbol creating different postures as protection.

Key Features


It’s a functional military jacket with buckles, zips and Velcro, it can be worn multifarious ways and clients can wear it in the way they want by changing the position of ‘fake arms’ on the front. They can take one sleeve off and transfer into back pack hang the back and there is a folding hook in the pocket. The jacket use waterproof material and camouflage pattern as design elements which can easily blend into the environment. Ideally there are inflatable sticks inside the fake arm so that it can create a ‘lifecycle’ in the shipwreck.

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