Deck Future Australia


  • Dr Steffen P Walz


DECK FUTURE AUSTRALIA is a social card game and, sneakily, a gameful strategic innovation tool that lets us invent and play through convergent ideas for a prosperous, prospective Australia, and the world beyond. Shaking up growth areas from Deloitte’s Building the Lucky Country report with trending technologies as well as impacts, the DECK can help spawn as well as challenge the next level of societal scenarios, whilst letting players reflect on ethics, values and consequences. It can also be used to create absolutely ridiculous endeavours, if that feels like a better pastime for the future.

Key Features


– Endorsed by Deloitte Centre for the Edge Australia and flanked by research from RMIT University’s GEElab.
– Playfully, seeks to inspire entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box, critical, reflective mindsets and to facilitate for a fun group activity.
– Next to default rule sets, invites players to create own games, topics, objectives and futures.
– Used by e.g. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Australia and University St. Gallen’s Executive School (CH), for innovation and leadership training.
– Playtested at City of Melbourne’s CityLab, Idea Bombing Melbourne, Vic’s Department of Education and Training and Foundation for Young Australians.
– Rebranded FUTURE DECK, to be made available to the public later this year.

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