Decibel Dome Pendant


  • Satelight Design


Constructed from sound absorbing material and plantation timber, the Decibel Dome Pendant is cut in-house on Satelight’s CNC machine and assembled by hand in the warehouse in the suburbs of Melbourne.

This pendant can ease the effects of noise pollution within busy communal environments as well as providing efficient light with a high output dimmable LED disk.

The Decibel Dome is part of Satelight’s Sound Seed range, designed to both dampen noise and provide illumination while taking into consideration the entire life-cycle of the fitting, including the manufacturing, delivery, installation and maintenance.

Key Features


Sound Absorbing

Large metal dome fittings can greatly increase the amount of noise pollution and potentially create intense levels of reverb beneath the fitting. Unlike other generic fittings, the Decibel Dome doesn’t add to these problems but with its faceted form and unique material properties, the Decibel Dome can assist in reducing the amount of noise pollution and reverb within busy communal environments.



Utilising Woven Image’s Echopanel which is made from 60% recycled PET, as well as sustainably sourced Australian plantation oak timber; the Decibel Dome design limits its environmental impact. By offering the fitting in a flat-pack option also greatly reduces the costs and improves the efficiency of transporting these fittings across the country as well as overseas. A common cause for concern for many lighting companies is the fact that they send large consignment that are mostly air; due to the nature of light fittings. Shipping air around the country leads to higher costs and severe environmental impact, the Decibel Dome addresses this issue by being able to be delivered flat packed.



The Echopanel boards are available with three standard finishes; these panels can also be screen printed with unique colours and patterns.
The form itself can be customised on request, with the addition of two straight square panels the Decibel Dome can become the Decibel Oval.

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