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Completed in 2017, the refurbishment of Deakin University Lecture Theatre provides an interactive and technologically advanced lecture theatre for Deakin University. k20 Architecture’s Director Anthony Uahwatanasakul in collaboration with Deakin University adopted the idea of ‘connection’ to support the development of the design.

By integrating feature LED lighting in the lecture theatre k20 Architecture portrayed the ‘connection’ of the design concept with a visual linkage continuing from the ‘stage’ to the ‘back row’.

Key Features


k20 Architecture translated the idea of ‘connection’ to the materiality, ensuring that there were correct aesthetics with acoustic lining treatments that were compatible and durable.

This also included a bespoke lighting feature within the space, connecting the patterned plywood and acoustic treatment, the patterns are a representation of the Deakin University Waurn Ponds campus from an aerial photographic viewpoint.

Connectivity is represented and created through the light that promotes the idea of learning through the pattern that is the university landscape. The end user has the choice of selecting any light colour they believe reflects the nature of the session.


An important part of the design was to ensure that there was appropriate lighting with correct lux levels to provide the proper environment for presentations within the Theatre, in turn providing optimal webinars and podcasts for students studying remotely and not able to attend seminars in person.

The precise audio‐visual projectors required consideration of surrounding materials and colours to minimise interference to colour reflectant and shadowing on the screen visuals. A new glass white board was installed and replaced the old chalk board to allow lecturers to write up salient points but also provide the performance of a traditional lecture theatre.


k20 Architecture was aligned with the policies of Deakin University who placed a strong emphasis on ensuring an environmentally sustainable outcome for the project balanced with durability and fit for purpose.

k20 Architecture retained as much of the existing building structure as possible to minimise the amount of demolition landfill and the removal and replacement of material.

A review of existing services was conducted that included mechanical and electrical circuitry and these were refurbished and improved to create a more efficient mechanical system for conditioning the lecture theatre space with much improved energy efficiency, improved fresh air ventilation and improved monitoring
capabilities for optimal occupant comfort. In the pursuit of minimal electrical consumption, energy efficient lighting and controls have been incoporated.


Each material incorporated within the project is either Green Tag certified or selected for it sustainable benefits to the project.

Materials have been selected for durability, recycled content, end of life recyclability, low toxicity, and suitability to the design intent. All lighting is LED and low energy rated and k20 Architecture was mindful to use Enviro2 low VOC paint within the lecture theatre.

All insulation selected by k20 Architecture included recycled content, end‐of‐life recyclability and high durability that would reduce ongoing maintenance, and in particular, cleaning required for the type of university lecture theatre operation.


k20 Architecture carefully considered the possibility for the future flexibility of the space with particular regard to the ongoing upgrade of Information technology in terms of audio visual, wireless internet, USB requirements and the need for constant connectivity of those who use the area.

k20 Architecture allowed for the services to be concealed behind removable wall panels to allow for potential inclusion of new services and service runs that may be required to adapt, change and interchange aging technology without the need to interfere with the internal visual skin of the building.

Through forward thinking, the k20 Architecture design incorporates complete access to service areas to provide flexibility for change/upgrade and ease of access for ongoing maintenance thus creating a well‐considered sustainable, social and economic outcome.

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