DDP Studios Brand


  • Aer Design
  • DDP Studios


DDP Studios was formed through the union of four leading post-production houses. To launch this new entity, DDP Studios needed to express that the best talent and technology in Australia had finally come together and were looking to collaborate with creative partners on inspired ideas. Aer Design responded with a brand that paid homage to the unity of four expert companies into one by encapsulating the merged culture and strength. The dedicated craftspeople, digital architects and technologists are committed to preparing, managing and enriching the highest quality in post-production TV and Film.

Key Features


Aspirational brand for the future

The brand developed is aspirational. It aims to represent the united culture of four disparate companies into one, and embody the future for DDP studios.


The modernist framework

The brand’s sophisticated, modernist framework creates a simple elegant platform to represent the work that DDP Studios produces. The framework speaks to the ideal of bespoke, artisanal craftspeople creating work which they are passionate about. It belies an intelligence about their craft and the intensity and enthusiasm which they bring to their work. The modernist look brings an \’old school modern\’ style to the brand which emphasises the heritage of the company.

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