DBJ 3+2


  • Uro Publications
  • Andrew Cowen and Julia Charles
  • Mark Gowing Studio
  • Durbach Block Jaggers
  • Sun M Printers


DBJ 3+2 is two books in one sleeve, featuring two bodies of carefully curated photographs of the work of architects Durbach Block Jaggers.

Two photographers were commissioned, but neither is an architectural photographer, marking this book as distinct from the architectural mainstream. Relieved of the task of ‘telling the story’ of the buildings featured, the reader is instead taken on a journey of forms, light, surfaces and deep shadows. Eschewing the book as illustration, DBJ 3+2 instead embodies the experience of the architecture portrayed.

Gowing’s design exercisers maximum restraint, to allow the photography to speak for itself.

Key Features


The books were printed by Japanese award-winning printers to achieve deep, detailed shadows and vibrant intense colour.

Photographers, designer and printer have worked hard to achieve art quality photographic reproduction, with industrial off-set printing. Gowing made other vital decisions, such as specifying ‘Swiss half bind’, allowing the books to open completely flat.

Typeset is extremely recessive but clearly legible, and the building plans are a sequence of artworks themselves.

The book succeeds by two measures: as a beautifully compelling product that has sold well, and as a reflection of the architect’s work. A practice driven by both poetry and precision.

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