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We wanted a look that was simple and captivating – that catched the eye of people on the fly! Contact details were key focus without the want of overwhelming clients. We worked very hard to minimalise the information displayed – deleting many ideas – which would in turn created a greater aesthetic and environmental appeal. The greatest problem to solve was key placements of contacts, thus the number was placed \”left of kilter\” to enhance the need to grab attention and put finger to phone as well as colours used to make the \”jump out\” effect greater.

Key Features


With a focus on cross-disciplinary design and originality, people see the wine glass, name, number and website in that order. Key feature: the wine glass which catches the eye and hope the rest would follow – it does and without obstructing the view of the clients inside the vehicle. We are now the leading small touring business in our region with a giant leap in sales as of the implementation of our new design encouraging our future and financial sustainability. It works brilliantly with understatement and has reached a whole new bookable number of clientele as well as local respect!

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