Daydream Brand Identity


  • South South West


SouthSouthWest worked with the Google VR team in California to develop a brand for Google’s virtual reality platform Daydream and headset ‘Daydream View’. The brief was to create a truly immersive brand that could represent the wonder of virtual reality.
It was critical that the brand mark was playful and unique, but also that it functioned in different environments, and cultures across the world.
Over the coming years as millions of ‘Daydream Ready’ handsets from different manufacturers enter the market, consumers will rely on the ‘Daydream Ready’ brand as a mark of authenticity.

Key Features


Our response to the brief was to draw on the universal appeal of the golden mean to create a striking 3D form called the ‘Eon’. This form worked in 2D as a simple dream-cloud like icon, whilst in a virtual reality environment took on a range of fluid movements and behaviours; surprising and delighting the viewer.


In line with Google’s vision to deliver maximum positive impact to as many people as possible, the identity utilised vibrant but considered colour pairings that were inspired by a range of natural phenomenon such as the Northern Lights and Sea Anemone. This brought an energy and dynamism to the identity that represented the wonder of being immersed in natural beauty.
The brand identity was then refined into a brand identity system and related guideline document that was applied to the VR environment, product design, packaging and launch event experience, and will continue to drive Daydream into the future.

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