DaVinci Micro Panel


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The DaVinci Resolve Micro Panel is the worlds’ smallest and most affordable cinematic quality colour control panel for the manipulation of light and colour in motion picture footage. Costing $995 it is designed specifically for feature films, television and music videos, offering unprecedented immediacy, superior ergonomics and creative flexibility on location.

Key Features


Democratising professional colour control hardware

With Hollywood quality colour grading suites costing over $30,000, small enterprises cannot afford to invest in professional technology, forced instead to rely on inferior hardware or mouse-based UIs. This not only limits creativity, but hampers production efficiency, vital when operating on shoestring budgets and tight schedules.

The core values of Blackmagic Design centre on empowering creative people with affordable, accessible technology equipped with professional features and performance. By carefully optimising engineering, assembly and manufacturing processes a price of $995 was met, making The Micro Panel the world’s most affordable cinema quality colour control panel.


Fostering creativity through new ways of working.

Democratisation leads to an increasingly diverse user base, as affordable technology finds its way to those previously unable to access such tools. With independent producers retaining creative control through non-traditional platforms like Vimeo and Netflix, unconventional applications inevitably arise.

Traditional panels, designed for post-production houses, are large and heavy; ill-suited for use beyond the studio. At 3.5kgs the lightweight Micro Panel balances tactile resilience with effortless portability, offering unprecedented immediacy on set, in a café or on the road. Until now, pairing cinema-quality colour grading with such creative flexibility was virtually impossible.


Elegant aesthetics driven by usability.

In high pressure post-production situations, colourists must remain focussed on the moving image, continually aware of the implications adjustments have on the quality of a scene. Pared-back to its essential elements, the control surface is deliberately minimal in form and colour: a rational, distraction free work space for intuitive, error-free operation.

In contrast, the dynamic aluminium chassis recedes from the top surface, minimising perceived size while providing natural pick-up points. In a subtle aesthetic nod to DaVinci Resolve’s influence on light, CNC machined edge chamfers loop around the anodised chassis, catching elegant highlights and shadows.


Intuitive control that enhances productivity

Professional colourists working with demanding clients and strict schedules continually balance creative ambition with efficiency. The nuanced nature of video colour control means that to keep this equilibrium an instinctive approach, attuned to such subtleties, is required.

With three perfectly weighted trackballs providing a natural link between hand, eye and GUI, users literally hold moving images in their hands. Each assembly features an optical-grade lens and precision z-axis ring for simultaneous real-time adjustment of lift, gamma and gain ensuring subtle changes, which are difficult to articulate with mouse and keyboard, are achieved accurately and efficiently.


Empathetic ergonomics and usability

With colourists spending 10 – 12 hours a day grading during post-production, an empathetic solution was vital. Led by extensive anthropometric study The Micro Panel offers efficient use and natural ergonomics, reducing fatigue and long term stress and strain.

The considered 5° angle of the control surface presents a comfortable working posture. The clear, hierarchical layout puts oversized buttons for commonly used adjustments at the user’s fingertips, for quick, intuitive access without releasing the trackball. Infinitely variable, precision magnetic encoders allow direct control of core functions, introducing deeper features to novice users, encouraging discovery, experimentation and learning.

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