Dandenong LOGIS Eco-Industrial Business Park


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Dandenong LOGIS is Victoria’s first integrated eco-industrial business park. Developed by Places Victoria as a joint venture with landowner Melbourne Water, LOGIS is setting a new benchmark for high quality architecture, superior urban design, outstanding amenity and sustainability in industrial developments with Australia.

Located in Dandenong South on 154 hectares of remediated land, LOGIS is a unique, premium masterplanned development built to world-class standards that has attracted investment by a range of premium brands.

It has demonstrated leadership within a commercial context for industrial estates by incorporating architecturally designed buildings, planned open space, landscape design, recreational facilities and sustainability initiatives.

Key Features



Places Victoria has developed design criteria for developments at LOGIS to create a harmonious, unified and interesting appearance along its streetscapes. All developments have been architecturally designed using an array of materials and colour palettes to deliver contemporary, unique built form.

Each allotment has the same architectural merit and forms a holistic design. All buildings have a clearly defined point of entry, address the street frontage with offices and have landscaping to create visual interest. Loading bays and storage areas are located to the rear of buildings, to avoid unsightly mess.

Benefits include: interesting architecturally designed and functional industrial buildings.



A distinctive feature of LOGIS is the bold, rich and diverse landscape design throughout the industrial estate. Mature River Red Gums and other indigenous trees have been retained in protection reserves across the estate.

All streets within LOGIS have been designed as green corridors connecting open spaces to workplaces, with intense tree and drought-tolerant groundcover plantings along footpaths. All developments are fully landscaped at the front, providing pleasant surrounds for workers.

The masterplan design includes shared cycling and pedestrian pathways throughout the estate. All allotments are within 400m of deliberately planned open space, suitable for active and passive recreation.



The street network within LOGIS has been designed for maximum functionality to assist industrial businesses operate more efficiently. Signalised intersections at the two main entrances will provide quick access to and from LOGIS, with the double lane LOGIS Boulevard allowing for easy movement across the estate.

Other key features include: wide streets to easily accommodate B double trucks, minimal median strips, no roundabouts or dead ends, and shared cycling and pedestrian pathways along all roads.

This innovative design functionality is supported by tree-lined streetscapes that provide visual amenity, define the public realm and provide a buffer landscape from the road.



A unique feature of LOGIS is the onsite recreational facilities and amenities that will be utilized by both the business and local residential community. The 13-hectare LOGIS Park is proposed to have five-a-side soccer courts, architecturally designed clubhouse, barbecue facilities, playground and passive open space.

The planned 6-hectare Central Park will feature high quality landscaping, proposed walking tracks, retarding basin, seating, barbecue facilities and a contemporary onsite café.

The planned 2.4-hectare Retail Service Precinct is set to become the heart of LOGIS and service the growing business community. These proposed onsite amenities are setting new standards for industrial estates.



Through innovative design, technology and systems, LOGIS has set a new benchmark for quality and sustainability in industrial estates in Australia. Sustainability initiatives include: installation of rainwater tanks, plumbing connectivity to third pipe system, solar hot water use, natural ventilation and maximizing the solar aspect of buildings.

The estate also features: energy efficient street lighting, Class A recycled water to every allotment, bio-diverse wetland to filter water and reduce pollutants entering Dandenong Creek and native drought tolerate plantings in front of buildings and along footpaths.

Benefits include: minimizing environmental degradation, reducing operating costs and improving aesthetic and recreational appeal.

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