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The Dam Buster rain head revolutionizes roof plumbing design and installation in Australia by combining a range of innovative design features in an aesthetically pleasing but fully AS/NZS3500.3 compliant rain head – making it the first ever fully compliant rain head device put on the Australian market.

The Dam Buster also solves the problem of existing enormous property damage losses and risks to health caused by the internal flooding of buildings resulting from the overtopping of box gutters in heavy rain conditions due to the installation of non-compliant rain heads with insufficient overflow capacity.

Key Features


Many leaky building problems are due to defective and non-compliant rain heads having been installed.

In a genuinely quantum leap forward for product design, Dam Buster solves all of the problems with existing rain heads by combining a range of absolutely unique, world leading features in a simple but highly effective and visually familiar design that provides the necessary emergency overflow capacity required to protect buildings from internal flooding.


Internal flooding of buildings caused by existing non-compliant rain heads is totally eliminated by the Dam Buster design. The significance of this for plumbers, designers and builders along with property owners and occupants and also for insurance companies, is potentially enormous.

By preventing internal flooding in storm events the Dam Buster rain head eliminates the need for any future repair or restoration to the building or contents and thus avoids the environmental and resource costs which would otherwise result from such an incident.

From a building health and safety perspective, Dam Busters not only prevent collapse of ceilings in storm conditions but also prevent the entry of storm water containing occupant health risk material such as rodent faeces, into the building environment.


The Dam Buster design was developed from the ground up as a solution to existing non-compliance of all rain head product on the Australian market.

There was extensive development including hydraulic engineering necessary to validate the initial design concept and assumptions and then produce a working prototype that was also visually acceptable and in line with consumer expectations of such products. After further testing and product revision, the prototypes were taken to production.

As the only compliant product of its type on the Australian market Dam Buster is expected to fundamentally transform roof plumbing and the risks held by insurance companies across the nation.


The innovative design involved a range of cross disciplinary skills including plumbing, hydraulic engineering, forensic engineering, insurance, risk prevention and manufacturing to ensure that the end product was truly innovative whilst solving all existing non-compliant product issues in a visually acceptable way, particularly as this product is affixed to homes and buildings and can be easily seen.

User features also include the ability to safely and simply inspect visually for any blockages from the ground without climbing onto the roof (as is required with current designs). The new Dam Buster design sets a genuine new benchmark for rain heads, not just in Australia but also world wide.


Rear box gutter seal feature provides a highly effective seal to the box gutter and also prevents water running back inside the wall.

The front overflow chute can be simply checked visually from the ground and in complete safety, for any potential blockages.

Secondary emergency overflow device on the front face caters for extreme \’over design\’ rain events to further protect the building.

Very simple to install and can also be easily retrofitted to any existing building.

Can be fabricated in any flat metal and also made to custom designs.

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