Cushla Whiting Brand Identity


  • The Company You Keep


Cushla Whiting is a Melbourne based architect turned boutique jeweller. With a seasonal jewellery line and a made to order bespoke service Cushla required a brand identity that embodied her process, background and design philosophy.

The brand response takes in the paradoxical references and worlds that inform Cushla’s work, both contemporary and traditional at the same time, luxurious but effortlessly so, high end stones and metals paired with casual pop culture references.

Key Features


Taking inspiration from the Eames Power of 10 video – and the visual similarity of the macro and micro worlds. Both appearing as white dots on a black void. The brand response conveys the paradoxical references that inform Cushla’s practice. Both contemporary and traditional at once, effortless yet luxurious. Pragmatic details normally overlooked are elevated with production values such as gold foiling, whilst details that are usually celebrated are humbly produced. An industrial, off-the-shelf typographic approach juxtaposes the highly considered composition of these elements with the collateral they sit within.

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