CSL Code of Responsible Business Practice


  • Fidelis Design Associates
  • Inlingua Text
  • Digital House
  • Gunn & Taylor
  • Irwin & McLaren


Fidelis Design was approached by CSL Limited to design, produce, print and deliver world class publications to CSL\’s 17,000 staff and stakeholders across 27 countries. The document was translated from English into 15 other languages. A specialist firm was contracted to flow the 15 languages into a strict design grid.

The document was then printed into 16 separate publications and distributed worldwide with an interactive application online.

Key Features


A5 printed on 80% post consumer fibre and 20%chlorine free pulp.
Interactive PDF for maximum accessibility.
Spreading of heavy text to appear less intimidating.
Bright colours and design elements for audience retention.
The design has taken into account all cultures involved in the 16 languages.
The impact of the publication has been positive with staff and stakeholders giving immediate feedback and questions of inquiry.

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