Crumpler Prahran


  • Russell & George


The customer is king, long live the customer! The design of the Crumpler Prahran store meshes the real & the surreal, the 2D & the 3D, the offline & the online creating a dynamic customer experience where ideas of technology, travel & exploration seamlessly interact. A light cage where virtual space and physical space meet.

The space is designed around an abstraction of an light pixel like that seen on a computer screen. A large scale light cage is suspended within the space creating an urban artwork whilst simultaneously lighting and framing the product.

Key Features


Lighting utilized in the design are not fluorescent nor were they specified but rather a new neon led composite that was custom designed by the design team & manufactured by the principal contractor. This was done to achieve accordance with power consumption loadings (J6 compliance).


Interspersed within the light cage are 3 projection screens where real and fictional landscape are projected. These screens interact with one another and the content is produced in both 3d & 2d allowing the customer to don a pair of 3d glasses from time to time and immerse themselves within the store and explore the product. It is this playful nature between the virtual & the product that the store explores.


Metaphors of breaking down the bricks & mortar store are revealed in the rocks that are scattered forming a base for display plinths to emerge housing and showcasing the product. Mirrored joinery pieces continue the hyperreal sense of landscape whilst grey echo panel platforms & soft grey curtaining anchor the space in a more traditional retail language.


A grandstand tutorial space has also been allowed for to tap into a local university providing design students an opportunity to learn from the Crumpler design team and from time to time have the student work displayed on the store screens.

Gone are the days of the passive customer. This store is as much about education and play as it is about selling product. It aims to tie the virtual world with the real world creating an experience that a consumer can not get online.

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