Creative Partnerships Awards 2016


  • Aēr Design
  • Creative Partnerships Australia


Creative Partnerships Australia wanted to honour five Australians who bring arts, philanthropy and business together to help grow the creative community. The event needed to reflect the passion and dedication of the award winners whilst making an impact on a visually literate audience who have “seen it all”. Aēr Design collaborated with the client to design the events’ visual identity, including the trophy, print and digital promotions, and event space.

Key Features


Shifting Perspectives

For an unavoidable event identity, Aer Design’s response was to visually represent creativity overtaking the event. The award winners put the arts in front of all else, so the design literally put arts in front of everything, led by the tagline “Arts First”. The tagline shifted perspectives, showcasing the unique views held by the winners. The formal ceremony was bathed, wrapped, and covered entirely in neon pink. This was expressed throughout the campaign, from animated digital marketing, invitations encased in neon sleeves, to light projections on the night.


Event Impact

The event was a success, receiving print and digital media attention. The ceremony was universally praised by attendees for offering a unique and contemporary alternative to the classic formal award’s event. Creative Partnerships Australia are preparing to grow the event considerably in 2017.

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