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  • August


Creative Partnerships Australia equips artists and arts organisations with all the tools to succeed—regardless of their craft—to create a more vibrant and sustainable cultural sector.

We recently paired up and dusted off some of our tools to help Creative Partnerships Australia improve the way they connect with artists, arts organisations, supporters and investors.

We launched a new website, refined brand and a dynamic content piece (Why invest in the arts?) in July for this essential federally funded organisation.

Key Features


Effective use of professional design to solve a legitimate problem, need or create an opportunity. Degree of functional and aesthetic appeal to a broad range of users.

Our approach needed to account for hundreds of pages of copy, whilst remaining highly visual (as the arts can be). We brought clarity and structure to Creative Partnerships content with a large editing project, distilling and refining their content for easy access.

Supported with high quality, engaging imagery, we were able to deliver a best-in-breed website with large amounts of content.


One of the core goals of Creative Partnerships Australia is to see further investment from the business sector in the arts. Post interviewing key personalities in the organisation, we discovered a compelling story around this subject.

We invested some time and creative energy to create a dynamic single story section of the website called Why Invest In The Arts –

This section has helped the executive team articulate why this investment is imperative to a thriving, cultural community.

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