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The Cotton on Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Cotton On Group.

Since its launched in 2007, the Foundation has raised over $67 million for educational projects in Uganda, South Africa, Thailand, and Australia. It has done so by contributing 100% of proceeds from the sale of point-of-purchase products including tote bags and bottled water, in over 1,500 stores.

August helped create a new web application that uses digital storytelling and real-time data design to share the purpose, work and impact of the foundation as it seeks to develop 20,000 educational places by 2020.

Key Features


The challenge was to design an online experience that shows the full journey, from in-store purchase to humanitarian outcome, rather than just communicating the end results.

With a better understanding of how, and how much, every sale improves the planet, staff and shoppers are more likely to support each initiative.

Working in partnership with the Foundation’s in-house development team, we created a web service to pull live sales data from stores around the world which feeds into the website’s front-end. The website’s cache is automatically refreshed whenever the data updates. This way, users can always view current progress, quickly.


In the financial year following the website’s launch, the funds raised for the Cotton On Foundation were the highest of its 10 year history. A big focus for the Cotton On Foundation’s fundraising approach is team member engagement.

The new website has allowed Cotton On Group team members to see the impact they are contributing to.

In a company engagement survey, 91% of Cotton On Group’s team members said they were an advocate for the Cotton On Foundation. The new website has helped the team learn more about what the foundation does and understand the role they play within it.


Our research revealed that people are more likely to support an initiative when they understand the actual magnitude of their contribution.

With this in mind, we designed an innovative on-site tool, called ‘the difference an action makes’, to further show how purchases translate into tangible outcomes for developing communities.

The user can simply choose a product and use the online slider to understand the impact associated with different products at various purchase scales.

For example, the proceeds from one tin of mints can provide 28 pencils for school kids.

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