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Coreprêt seeks to consistently encourage the questioning of accepted norms by exploring innovative ways of practicing within the field of fashion and textiles. Always striving to offer the best possible product with the least possible harm, the creative agency is continually working towards a more circular, ethical and inclusive industry.

Each Coreprêt product is underpinned by research into social milieus, and the effect of modern corporations on the collective unconscious, presented from a specifically Australian viewpoint. Self-run, contemporary events are used to encourage individuals to constantly question, seek education and partake in the more than occasional outfit repeat.

Key Features


Coreprêt is working to tackle the increasing need for contemporary clothing that is created in a sustainable and ethical way.

Through the use of up cycled and designer dead-stock fabrics Coreprêt is working to prevent waste.

Coreprêt works to ensure every individual within the supply chain is being treated in a fair and reasonable manner.

Coreprêt works to sell their products on the aesthetic value, first and foremost. The added bonus of it being created through ethical and sustainable methods means that individuals who are not yet interested in these commodities can still buy into the brand.


Each piece is currently made to order in-house – Coreprêt carries no excess stock. This allows the brand to build strong working relationships with their consumers and prevent the creation of unnecessary waste.

Coreprêt works with a number of Australian creatives to build networks and support the local industry to continue to develop and up-skill.

Through self-run, contemporary events Coreprêt brings education to the consumer – encouraging them to questions behaviour and accepted norms.


Each product within the brand has been designed, sampled and made in-house at the Coreprêt head office. This allows design to be implemented across every aspect of the supply chain, to help increase the life-span of the products. Before problems arise, Coreprêt tries to mitigate them through design.

Coreprêt also runs contemporary events (see portfolio) to allow consumers access to educational tools and resources about the fashion industry. These events present education packaged as a recreational activity.


Through design language that is distinctively Australian, Coreprêt presents and questions ideas and information relevant to the Australian social landscape for a local audience. The brand is working towards developing an Australian design identity of their own.

Coreprêt works with a number of local experts within specific areas of design, encouraging the individuals to be innovative, within a framework, set by Coreprêt, to ensure cohesiveness across the bodies of work.


Within the overall bureaucratic theme, Coreprêt also works to create micro narratives, utilising the generally accepted moods of the weekdays to inspire the storyline. This limited edition, Monday through Friday approach is a subtle nod to the personal uniform, which runs parallel to the brands belief that good design should never become irrelevant.

Coreprêt ultimate goal is become a circular business, preventing waste and unnecessary environmental and social impacts from our business and others.

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