Core Values in Design


  • Sam Costantino


Design Excellence
Having recently entered the world of freelance design, i wanted to appeal to potential clients in a way that highlights my individuality, creativity and share my values towards design and client relationships.

I decided to create an opportunity to share my core values with people who are interested in working with me and who appreciate good design in a bid to stand out from the competition.
I believe these values are vital when working towards design solutions in order to exceed the clients’ expectations.

Key Features


Design Application and Integration
I strongly believe that a foundation for consistent performance is based on the following values.

Passion: Being able to be inspired – open to new ideas, trends, materials, techniques, finishes and technology. Only by experimenting will we create design that is appreciated and memorable to others.

Evolve: Pushing the boundaries and challenging yourself to go beyond the norm. The satisfaction you get once you pull it off, makes it all worth it.

Respect: Honoring the rights and beliefs of our clients and appreciating our differences and treating them as we\’d like to be treated – as unique, valuable individuals.


Design Impact and Innovation
This project has succeeded in boosting my exposure and influencing new clients. It’s proved to be a great conversation piece and has also proven to be eye catching visuals for my social media presence. Not only that, it give me a perfect opportunity to display and prove that every element of this project was crafted by me – from concept development and art direction through to illustration, paper craft, photography, retouching and design. Each tile is marked with my brand as a sign off to my craftsmanship and what i proudly stand for.

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