COPLOCK Vehicle Security Device


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COPLOCK is a unique patented design mechanical vehicle security locking device that fits and captures and locks onto the vehicle brake pedal pad and pedal arm. It is easy to install and remove in seconds.
It was developed against 55,000 vehicles stolen each year in Australia.
Also that vehicle electronic immobilisers have been so compromised a car can be stolen in as little at 15 seconds.

Key Features


The patented unique design concept was developed on a simple concept that it is the only free standing lock of this type of lock that captures and locks onto both the brake pad of the vehicle.
To ensure a high level of security the COPLOCK is manufactured in hardened steel. The is hardened plug to prevent the locking mechanism being jacked out or turned to operate the ratchet pin releasing the ratchet shaft.
The lock is fitted with a 3 key patented cam lock tested by a Master Locksmith to be highly drill resistant.


Until the COPLOCK was invented there was not another free standing pedal lock that offered much in the way of security because they only lock on to the brake pedal arm.
There has not been any evidence of a car being stolen with a COPLOCK fitted. In tests COPLOCK defied all attempts by persons with professional car theft experience to defeat the lock. (The inventor with his contacts with former colleagues Victoria Police able to use reformed offenders.)
The locks survived all destructions tests and remained fully functional.


The COPOCK design is far superior to similar locks that only lock onto the brake pedal arms they are hard to install and adjust to the firewall of the vehicle. In some case they can be manipulated by hand and the angle of grip on the firewall reduced enabling the vehicle to be driven with the lock still attached and full use of the brake pedal.
By having the COPLOCK ribbed boot locking onto the pedal pad prevents such movement by hand or by force.
In short for a lock such as this it must lock onto the brake pedal pad and the brake pedal arm to have any level of security.


The COPLOCK challenge was to find a brake/clutch pedal lock that was highly secure and could not easily be defeated. It must and is easily installed and removed in seconds and is securely attached to both the pedal pad and pedal arm when locked and totally reliable.
The lock by it yellow colour is highly visible so as to deter would be thieves.
This design is free standing and has a self adjusting ratchet shaft pushed to the firewall.


It is known world wide that electronic anti theft immobilisers are being compromised against all the efforts of car manufacturers of the world to solve the increasing problem. Thieves are using electronic devices that are available on the internet for as low as $15/$30 to steal cars. Some even come with a tutorial DVD
The speed in which a vehicle can be stolen with an electronic immobiliser is about 16 seconds.
Car theft in Victoria has recently increased by 25%
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