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Across Australia, in a multi-storey office complex, there are few procedures that encourage appropriate waste disposal. When contaminated waste is found, the building is charged as a whole, instead of the sole perpetrator being held responsible. To combat this issue we developed a Bluetooth and automated barcode scanning bin tracking system that can pinpoint the office that contributed the contaminated waste, holding them financially responsible for the disposal and in turn encouraging correct waste disposal practices. With multi-storey complexes becoming more commonplace this solution has the ability to reinforce commercial offices’ disposal of their waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

Key Features


Neo, together with Dimeo Cleaning Services, designed the integrated waste system which is currently being manufactured in Victoria, utilising a socially distanced assembly line.

The ultimate goal of the Contaminated Waste Tracking System is to encourage correct categorisation and disposal of waste goods to improve recycling and increase environmental consciousness and responsibility for waste production.

This is achieved by a simple, rugged and safe to use kiosk system that identifies waste types and highlights the specific rooms and levels within the building they’re from if they’re incorrectly disposed of.


In a multi-storey office complex, the method of monitoring waste volumes by point of origin is complicated and chances of waste contamination are high. When contaminated waste is found, the building owner is generally charged instead of the sole perpetrator being held responsible.

The Contaminated Waste Tracking System closes the loop between waste removal companies and businesses within buildings – which is crucial in behavioral change in the way people create and dispose of waste.

The result of this system is a greater understanding of the recycling of materials and the impact an individual and businesses waste has on the environment.


The duality of benefits underpins the strength of the design: The ability to lower business operating costs and concurrently improve environmental impact. The simple system of pinpointing the office which isn’t disposing of waste correctly forces them to improve their procedures while moving the financial burden to those doing the wrong thing.

The proprietary design of the illuminated camera arm allows for the camera to take photos of bins that are different distances and heights from the kiosk, which has future applications in other fields.


Waste generated within multi-storey commercial building complexes is typically controlled and disposed of by building management and third-party cleaners.

When waste is contaminated, the building pays penalty costs on top of disposal costs for this as additional waste sorting needs to take place before disposal.

The Contaminated Waste Tracking System shifts the ownership of waste from the entire Building to individual business departments, and then attributes proper cost of poor waste disposal to those responsible as a means of increasing personal responsibility and creating behaviour change.


Bluetooth Tracking- With the bins having inbuilt Bluetooth when they approach the kiosk in the basement of the building its origin is instantly identified allowing for rapid results.

Overhead illuminated camera- The kiosk has a proprietary illuminated camera that comes off the kiosk that can take a photo of contaminated waste as proof. The camera arm allows for the camera to take photos of bins of different heights.

Low-Cost Processor- The processor is run off a low cost and low specification PC allowing for cost competitiveness as well as lowered energy consumption.

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